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Is your dryer or oven NFPA86 compliant?


ASI’s service team can satisfy your requirements under NFPA 86, which is the National Fire Protection Association’s code that is designed to minimize fires and explosions by governing the operation and safety requirements of ovens and furnaces used for commercial and industrial processing of materials. NFPA requires burners over 500,000 BTU’s to be inspected annually to ensure they are working properly. The best way to comply with NFPA 86 is through a yearly preventive maintenance program.


As part of ASI’s preventive maintenance service, ASI will ensure your oven complies with NFPA 86 by checking all burner safety circuitry, checking gas blocking valves for leaks, inspecting the heat source, and checking exhaust rates. Specifically, ASI’s service engineer will inspect the following components to make sure they are functioning properly and do not pose any safety issues:

  • Checking valves—pilot line blocking valves, main gas line blocking valves, main gas line valves and regulators, vent valve (if present)

  • Checking pressure switches—low pressure gas switch, high pressure gas switch, combustion blower pressure switch, supply fan pressure switch, exhaust fan pressure switch

  • Checking high temperature limit switch (protects fan from overheating)

  • Checking flame safeguard device


During a preventive maintenance visit, ASI’s service engineer will also check the following items to ensure your dryer is operating as efficiently and optimally as possible:

  • Header air balances • Header height

  • Airbar alignment • Gaskets

  • Burner fuel to air ratio

  • Web handling adjustments

  • Worn parts

  • Train operators, maintenance, and/or process engineers


To schedule or get a quote on a preventive maintenance visit, please email our service team at service@asitti.com or call us at 920.468.5477.

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