Customers often request a dryer design with retraction to facilitate web up, cleaning of the dryer, and internal access. Any of ASI's dryer configurations can be designed with retraction. Our engineers and designers work closely with every customer to meet their drying needs and performance requirements and to deliver a dryer that works within existing space constraints.

Retraction options include:

  • external retraction - a separate upper and lower dryer section, wherein one section retracts up or down, known as a splithood with retraction;

  • top-up retraction- a splithood retraction wherein the top section of the dryer retracts upwards;

  • bottom-down retraction - a splithood retraction wherein the bottom section of the dryer  retracts downwards; and

  • internal retraction - one solid dryer enclosure wherein one header inside the dryer retracts up or down.

Watch the video below featuring Dave, our Quality Control Specialist, to see a demonstration of an ASI dryer with retraction.