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About ASI
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The quality of your product

(our dryer is 25+ years old and still going strong)

and the superior caliber of your technical support

have given us nothing but the highest satisfaction.

Bill Hovey, Plant Maintenance Manager at Print-O-Tape, Mundelein, IL

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, ASI has been an industry leader in providing custom drying, curing, and cooling solutions to the US and abroad for over 35 years. We are proud to offer custom drying systems that combine the technical expertise of our engineers and designers with the experience and skills of our manufacturing team.​

ASI specializes in air convection drying, curing, and cooling solutions for the converting and continuous process industries. We design and build inline and roll-to-roll drying systems that are as short as 36 inches long to over 200 feet in length. Our dryers are used to dry webs with widths ranging from 4 inches to over 200 inches wide on lines going less than 20 fpm up to almost 2,000 fpm. Some of the industries we serve include:


Peripheral Components


We also design and fabricate an array of peripheral components to meet our customers' requirements and facilitate getting their line installed and operating as quickly as possible: ​


Platforms, Walkways, Handrails, Guardrails 


Structural Supports


Support Rolls

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Web Threaders


Smoke Hoods

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Nitrogen Curtains

Manufacturing at ASI


ASI is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and has been designing and manufacturing custom drying solutions for over 30 years.

ASI Building

ASI's 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility employs over 30 highly skilled machinists, welders, electricians, technicians, and tradespeople. From metal fabrication, welding, and electrical dress out, to painting and system testing, our facility can accommodate the fabrication of any size dryer a customer requires. Our multiple manufacturing bays and cranes allow for several orders to be worked on simultaneously to meet our customers' needs. 

ASI Manufacturing Facility

ASI's dryers are designed, engineered, and manufactured solely in Green Bay, Wisconsin and we ensure strict compliance with all applicable codes and regulations, including NFPA, FM, GE GAP requirements, and OSHA safety standards.


ASI adheres to a rigorous quality control process to ensure that everything we manufacture, wire, and program performs as designed and as required by the customer. When you buy an ASI drying system, you can be confident that you are getting a quality product made in the US that will accomplish your drying needs.

ASI Manufacturing Floor Welding
ASI Manufacturing Floor Plama Cutter
ASI's Technology



ASI's vast experience in designing and manufacturing custom drying solutions, as well as its proprietary modeling programs and patented air and web handling technology, means that our customers always get a drying system specifically designed for their application that performs as required while optimizing heat transfer and efficiency. ASI's modeling program uses heat and mass transfer equations, empirical data, and lab trials to accurately predict how a coating will dry as it travels through a dryer. In addition, ASI has developed over two dozen AirBar designs and has been granted over twenty patents related to AirBars and drying technology.

SS-3-zone drying curve.png

Drying curve generated by ASI's proprietary modeling software

ASI's AirBars

AirBar design is one of the most important aspects to dryer performance and choosing the correct AirBar is a critical step in every dryer design. ASI has designed and developed over two dozen AirBars that are tailored to specific drying environments, products, and criteria. AirBar selection is based on multiple process variables, including line tension, web porosity, web weight, temperature sensitivity, coating characteristics, and solvent volatility.

Our AirBars include:

  • slot nozzles - impingement-style AirBars for high heat and mass transfer applications;

  • hole bars - impingement-style AirBars that supply dilution air for slower drying applications;

  • airfoils - flotation AirBars that can be mounted above or below the web to provide unparalleled lift or hold-down force and can be used:

    • with low web tensions without web flutter; and

    • for single sided web flotation;

  • dual purpose AirBars - ASI's impingement-style slot nozzles combined with a moveable wing to convert to a dilution-style AirBar; and

  • BW-style AirBars - flotation AirBars that can float the heaviest of webs and can be mounted above or below the web to provide high heat and mass transfer.

ASI AirBars & Nozzles

ASI's AirBars

ASI's AirBar mounting system keeps maintenance downtime at a  minimum by allowing for easy removal and reinstallation. This is accomplished by making the AirBars interchangeable and thus, eliminating the need to match-mark each AirBar to a specific location. Removal and installation is further eased by our one or two bolt-mounting system.

ASI's flotation dryers utilize our air handling technology through offset AirBars and return air baffles to create a sine wave with the web that promotes web stability and reduces edge flutter.​

Sine Wave.png

Air flows and resulting sine wave created by ASI's BW-style AirBars

ASI Sine Wave AirBars

ASI's Offset AirBars & Resulting Sine Wave​

Our AirBars are mounted on tapered headers engineered to deliver air that is of uniform temperature and volume. Header feed legs are designed to provide even air distribution in both the machine and cross-machine directions. This attention to detail ensures that ASI dryers offer predictable, consistent, and streak-free drying.

ASI Tapered Headers

ASI's Tapered Headers

ASI's AirTurns

ASI's AirTurns allow for web maneuverability and directional changes without web contact. Our dryers can be designed with AirTurns that allow for multiple web passes to conserve space and accommodate space restrictions.

ASI AirTurn

ASI's AirTurn

ASI AirTurn Floating a Web

ASI's AirTurn Floating a Web

ASI's Engineered Efficiency

ASI dryers are thoughtfully and intentionally designed with the following features to enhance performance and efficiency:

  • minimum through-metal for avoidance of localized hot-spots;​

  • a minimum of four (4) inches of high-temperature industrial insulation to reduce heat loss, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs;

  • internal expansion joints to allow for thermal expansion;

  • premium efficiency supply and exhaust fan motors;

  • one or two bolt mounted and interchangeable AirBars for ease of removal, reinstallation, and maintenance;

  • return air baffles to reduce cross-machine air flows and avoid web disruption while maintaining a consistent drying profile;

  • ASI's exclusive twisted Z-clips that are welded between the inner and outer walls to create spacing for insulation while allowing for metal expansion in all directions;

  • gasketed access doors for easy access to the interior enclosure that are designed with a slotted heat trap to reduce heat loss.

ASI Z-Clips

Twisted Z-Clips     

ASI Gasketed Door & Slotted Heat Trap

Gasketed Door With Slotted Heat Trap 

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