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I am extremely satisfied with the performance of this equipment after servicing.

We've seen increases in process speeds by upwards of 15%

on some of our most popular products.

Brandon Wisinski, Manufacturing Engineer at Donaldson Company, Dixon, IL


ASI understands how important it is to maintain production lines and to keep them up and operating. As a result, ASI maintains an inventory of stock spare parts for our equipment that we can ship overnight if necessary. If a needed part is not in our inventory, our dedicated service team will work diligently to secure the needed parts as fast as possible.  In addition to spare parts, our service team provides a broad range of technical support services, including:

  •  installation services - ASI will provide one or more service engineers at the customer's site to direct and assist in the physical installation of ASI-provided equipment;

  • start-up services - ASI will provide one or more service engineers at the customer's site for the start-up and commissioning of ASI-provided equipment. Start-up services include:

    • instrument mechanics;

    • software and communication links and safeties;

    • set-up of plenum controls and safeties;

    • completion of operation requirements, including air flow balancing, controls tuning, and operator and maintenance training;

  • operator and maintenance training - ASI will provide a service engineer at the customer's site to train one or more equipment operators on the operation and maintenance of ASI-provided equipment; 

  • preventative and corrective maintenance - protect your investment and avoid costly downtime by performing yearly preventative maintenance. ASI will provide a service engineer at the customer's site to:

    • check and set header alignment and air balances;​

    • check and verify operation of all safety circuitry;

    • inspect heat sources and adjust if necessary;

    • check exhaust flows and adjust if necessary;

    • inspection for worn or non-operational parts, including gaskets, seals, belts, and other parts;

    • inspection of any retraction system and adjustment if necessary;

    • general system check and operator training;

  • diagnostics and troubleshooting - ASI will provide a service technician at the customer's site to diagnose any issue that arises related to ASI-provided equipment.



Our dedicated service team is ready to meet all of our customer's technical support needs in a timely and knowledgeable manner. 

ASI Service Team Manager Rodger Brown

Rodger Brown, Service Team Manager

Rodger has over 20 years of industry experience in the mechanical engineering and service fields. An engineering graduate from UW-Platteville, Rodger has been at ASI for over 16 years as both a project engineer and the service team manager. Rodger excels at training our customers in using ASI equipment and at troubleshooting issues that arise during installation and start-up.

ASI Service Team Bill Heus

William Heus

Bill has been working in the electrical and controls industry for over four decades, including 12 years in the dryer industry. Prior to joining ASI, Bill worked for 15 years as an electrical supervisor at a large engine manufacturer. Bill is an asset to our service team and is requested by customers for the vast amount of knowledge, skill, and experience he brings to his work servicing ASI dryers.

ASI Service Team Rustom Engineer

Rustom Engineer

Rustom joined ASI after graduating from UW-Platteville with a degree in Industrial Technology Management. He started in the Applications Department and has transitioned to our service team, where he can put his knowledge and skills, including PLC programming expertise, to use in the field.

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