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                                             Bill Hovey, Plant Maintenance Manager at Print-O-Tape, Mundelein, IL

ASI's dryers are used in virtually every industry from adhesives and release liners to home goods and construction materials. If the product is made on a flexible web or a continuous process, we can design a system to dry, cure, or cool it.

Adhesives, PSAs, & Release Liners
Automotive Products
Specialty Coatings & Adhesives Line (9256)_edited.jpg

Three-zone flotation drying system for a specialty coatings and adhesives line. The dryer has an external split-hood retraction system that uses screw jacks to move the upper enclosure section 18 inches upwards for access to the dryer’s interior for web-up, cleaning, and maintenance.

Battery Electrode Lines
Battery Cell LIne (8887).jpg

Three-zone, flotation drying system with integrated plenum for a battery electrode coating line on an aluminum or copper foil web. The drying system has the following components to reduce contamination: electric heaters; HEPA filters for the makeup air; prefilters on the recirculated air; and drain ports at the bottom of the dryer to allow for pressure washing and cleaning.

Construction Materials
Coating & Casting Lines
8-24-18 003_edited.jpg

Six-zone drying system for an aqueous casting line that utilizes hole bars and drag bars. Dryer features 304 stainless steel construction, electric heat, HEPA filters in makeup and recirculated air, and mounting provisions for CO2 fire suppression nozzles within the dryer enclosure.

Electrical Component Lines
EPDM & Rubber Web Lines

Construction of a three-zone arched roll-support dryer for a 200 inch wide EPDM web. Dryer is sized for both water and solvent based coatings and features natural gas plenums, split-hood retraction, and our standard Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC controls package.  

Fiberglass Mat Lines
Fabrics & Textiles
Catenary Line (9138)_edited.jpg

Three-zone catenary or inverted arch drying and curing system that is used to dry a woven fabric web. This dryer is designed for a 6-inch web sag at the center of zones 1 and 2 and roll support in zone 3. Because the web is coated on both sides with a volatile coating that must be dried slowly with no contact, the dryer was designed for the web to create a catenary web inside the dryer.

Film & Foil Web Lines
Roofing Shingle Line (9052)_edited.jpg

Five-zone through-air drying system for a fiberglass mat line. The fiberglass web is supported by a conveyor belt over idler rolls and the system includes a belt return tunnel below the dryer. The dryer is over 11 feet high, 80 feet long, and can deliver air volumes of over 100,000 acfm at 600 degrees Fahrenheit. ASI also supplied web entry and exit roll support stands with a vacuum table to provide a transition into and out of the dryer.

Filtration Media Lines
Flexible Packaging Lines
Screenshot 2021-09-07 154141_edited.jpg

Two-zone flotation drying system for a flexible packaging line. Dryer features external split-hood retraction and windows with back lighting for web viewing.

Hydrophilic Cast Coating Lines
Dissolvable Cast Film Drying System (9211)_edited.jpg

This is the gear side of an almost 200-foot long dryer that features nine separate heat zones. It utilizes both counterflow and co-flow air and is belt supported. Separate heat zones provide versatility and fine-tuning of the drying

rate of the hydrophilic cast coating.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Lines
Pharmaceutical Drying System_edited.jpg

Three-zone flotation drying system for a paper-based web on a pharmaceutical line. The dryer is constructed with an all stainless steel interior, class IV polished welds, and steam coils for heat to prevent product contamination.

Paper & Plastic Web Lines

Single zone flotation drying system for drying gravure printing on a paper web. Dryer features a clam-shell retraction system and integral plenum design. 

Personal Care Products
Release Liners
Reverse Osmosis Media Lines
Reverse Osmosis Line (7869)_edited.jpg

Three-zone flotation drying system designed to dry a polysulfone coating on a polyester web for reverse osmosis membranes. This dryer utilizes ASI’s hole AirBars in the first zone to limit drying and reduce streaking on the web. The upper hood has a retraction system that allows for 18” of upward travel allowing for easy access to the dryer’s interior for web-up, cleaning, and maintenance.

Silicone-Based Coating Lines
Silicone Release Line (8685)_edited.jpg

Two-zone flotation drying system installed on a 65” wide silicone release coating line. The dryer utilizes ASI’s silicone plenum design that greatly minimizes or eliminates silicate dusting that can cause product contamination in the supply air when silicate particulates reach an elevated temperature.