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This ASI video takes a look at the external retraction feature of a flotation dryer. Flotation dryers are used in the converting and continuous processing industries to dry various products, from roofing material to pharmaceuticals and everything in-between. The retraction feature on this dryer is a top-up design that uses screw jacks to move the top section of the dryer upwards 18 inches. This allows the user easier access to the interior of the dryer for web-up, cleaning, and maintenance. This retraction system includes the following safeties:

  • 2 mechanical safeties:

    • a locking shaft collar at the top of the screw jacks, and

    • shear bolts at the bottom of the screw jacks;

  • 3 electrical safeties:

    • a tilt switch that shuts off the retraction if the top section deviates from horizontal,

    • up and down slot sensors that detect when the top section is completely open and completely closed

    • an overload switch that shuts off the retraction motor if the motor draws excessive current; and

  • an emergency pull cable that stops the retraction.

 If you are interested in a quote or in finding out more about our products, please visit our website at www.asitti.com or call us at 920.468.5477.

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